Behind The Scenes

Mass-producing satellites is a complicated business, and many different people and companies are involved.

OneWeb Satellites has found a way to change the economics of space with the opening of the world's first high-volume, high-speed, advanced satellite production facility.

See our BLOG "Inside OneWeb's Satellite Factory". Watch our VIDEO "Meet the team"

The factory is designed to produce small, highly efficient satellites at a rate of two per day, at approximately 1/50th of the cost of a traditional manufacturer.

Knowledge learned from OneWeb's original satellite facility in Toulouse, France, has been applied.

We also have a skilled A-Team of manufacturing engineers, robotics and “smart tools” to assemble the components onsite, in modular stages, along the production line.

According to our constellation designer Mike Lindsay - TEDx Talks ("How do we Bridge the Digital Divide Sustainably?") - OneWeb has chosen not to go with the most advanced technology that "may or may not work."

Our commitment is to build technology that will work straightaway, so OneWeb can iterate from there.


OneWeb Sat Stats

OneWeb Sat Stats

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