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What will be the materials of tomorrow? What technologies will help simplify, again and again, the design, build, or operation of a satellite? Why not a wireless, connector-less satellite?

OneWeb always welcomes engineering, science, and creative talent, research professionals, and subject matter experts from around the world to challenge and rethink satellite connectivity, drive innovation, and grow new business opportunities.

In 2021 OneWeb hosted an Innovation Challenge and the response was extraordinary. In just six weeks, more than 300 Innovators from 19 countries took part. Click on /Innovation Challenge 2021 Finalists to find out who the finalists were.

“As space offers increasingly diverse possibilities for scientific and commercial progress, this challenge is a great way to generate new ideas and invite more individuals and businesses to be a part of our growing industry." UK Space Agency Director of Growth Catherine Mealing-Jones

"ESA strongly supports innovation in the space industry to enable Europe to succeed in highly competitive global markets. We are delighted to support OneWeb's initiative to identify innovative ideas and to bring them to reality. Investing in space improves life on Earth." Elodie Viau, Director of Telecommunications and Integrated Applications at the European Space Agency

“Our space sector is thriving, and this exciting new programme by OneWeb will help it to grow even further by drawing on the best that British industry and the next generation of researchers have to offer." UK Science Minister Amanda Solloway

Innovation Community

Register your interest to be part of OneWeb's Innovation Community. Contact our Innovation team.

An innovation community open to everyone, everywhere

Get up to speed: OneWeb has a track record in the transfer of terrestrial tech from industries outside of the space sector into the field of satellite communications. We take pride in our collaborative approach to innovation.

Think small! We are offering Innovators the opportunity to redefine existing mindsets and materials in the design, production, orbit, flight and responsible de-orbiting of future satellites.

Be creative: We expect Innovators to yield new ways of thinking, using knowledge applied freely to other areas in research and industry, to develop satellite connectivity responsibly, and sustainably.

A greener space: Satellite constellations must keep pace with the rapid advance of smart, efficient technology on Earth if they are to fulfill a meaningful purpose and benefits everyone.

Safe progression: We have entered a critical phase in our understanding of space as a shared, natural resource, and how best we should use it for generations to come.

The opportunity: be an active part in the definition and execution of OneWeb’s satellite connectivity. You will join a trusted network of innovative men and women that want to help grow ideas.

OneWeb design and innovation for tomorrow's satellites


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